RTD Candidates ’16



Learn about the candidates for RTD’s Board of Directors

This page serves as your one-stop resource for the November 2016 RTD Board of Directors election. Have questions about this November’s elections and can’t find the answer on this site? Email us!

RTD is governed by a 15-member, publicly elected Board of Directors. Directors are elected to a four-year term and represent a specific district. Elections are staggered so that eight seats are open in one general election, seven in the next. This year, candidates are running to fill seats in districts A, D, E, F, G, H, I and M.

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On the morning of Thursday, September 15, the Metro Mayors Caucus, Transit Alliance, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce, metro area transportation management organizations, and KLTV8 City of Lakewood hosted a non-partisan RTD Candidates Forum. The forum was hosted by Mark Koberich and did not include a live audience. The forum was videotaped and will be televised on area municipal channel 8’s as well as be hosted online.

The cosponsoring organizations are committed to producing a fair, nonpartisan forum for metro area residents.  Sponsoring entities neither endorse nor oppose candidates.