Class of Spring 2016: Zack

Zack Shamy
My Transit Passion: Community Outreach/Transit Education
Home City: Denver
Work City: Denver

Action Plan: Soap Box Imaging

What it’s about: Taking the passion and knowledge of those involved in the citizens academy, and transit advocacy groups and applying it to comprehensible infographic for distribution through local advocacy groups.

What it’s really about: Education, engagement, community, ideal future, taking action, and finding solutions.

Why I applied for the Academy: To expand my knowledge and viewpoint on various concerns related to urban movement. To find a new perspective on transit, and community concerns.

Big Takeaway from the Academy: I learned so much about so many different topics and got insights from important perspectives. I experienced presentations on what goes into change, who is involved and what parts are intertwined. I feel much more connected to why it is important to pay attention to every facet to maintain or change important societal necessities.

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