Class of Spring 2016: Robin

Robin Fleischmann
My Transit Passion: Walkability/First and Last Mile Improvement
Home City: Denver
Work City: I work in the Denver metro area as an urban planner in private practice. And I love infrastructure!

Action Plan: Sidewalks: See and Suds Tour

What it’s about: My tour will be a walking/transit tour fundraiser for WalkDenver. I want to show current and future WD supporters the difference between an incomplete and complete sidewalk infrastructure and how the former limits access to all types of opportunities (schools, jobs, recreation, etc.) for all types of people (students, employees, elderly, disabled, car-less by choice or necessity). I want to demonstrate why it’s important to invest in sidewalks in Denver all over the city, not just in front of one’s own house.

What it’s really about: increasing awareness that sidewalks are everyone’s right and responsibility

Why I applied for the Academy: Even though I’m in urban planning, I applied to the Citizens’ Academy to learn more about transit and how the Denver metro network links people to opportunities across the region. I wanted to learn more about the plans for current and future infrastructure; the various governmental, political, business, and community players; funding, policy; coming transit innovations, etc. Dinner and riding the A Train was a plus.

Big Takeaway from the Academy: My “aha” moments included learning much more about car sharing and autonomous automobiles; the extent of RTD’s role in transit and transportation for seniors; and the transit efforts/programs in the suburbs to address first/last mile connections.

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