Class of Spring 2016: Peter

Peter Leider
My Transit Passion: Transit Oriented Development
Home City: Larkspur
Work City: Denver, in Cherry Creek

Action Plan: Transit Site Investment

What it’s about: As a realtor/investor, I plan to target property that are close to transit sites.  Identify properties that support higher density and increase their long-term value.

What it’s really about: Transit oriented neighborhoods

Why I applied for the Academy: While there has been considerable talk about the importance of Transit in Denver until I attended the Transit Alliance Academy I did not fully appreciate the value and need for mass transit.  Equally important as a developer/investor the trend toward denser urban development close to mass transit has become part of the City’s mantra.  Zoning and entitlement issues are seen through this prism.  The Transit Alliance Academy enabled me to see the merits of mass transit and garner a better understanding of development trends in the future.

Big Takeaway from the Academy: My biggest A-HA moment came from grasping the importance of pedestrian friendly development and the long-term impact it can have on the health and well-being of a neighborhood.

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