Class of Spring 2016: Gary

Gary Poole
My Transit Passion: Transit Access
Home Town: Parker
Town Where I Volunteer: Parker (I am a retired educator)

Action Plan: Creating More Walkable/Ridable Schools

What it’s about: The Town of Parker is a car-dominated community with minimal dependence on mass transit, bicycles or ride sharing. Traffic congestion is a constant concern of the Town’s citizens. One area that this presents itself most clearly is around the schools. Entire streets are gridlocked during drop off and pick up because of the number of parents driving their children to and from school. Several schools do not have sidewalks.

What it’s really about: Reducing traffic congestion around schools at drop off and pick up

Why I applied for the Academy: I hoped to be able to see what resources were available to me as a Planning Commissioner to enhance the transit options in my town. Traffic congestion is a major concern of Parker residents and there are few options available other than the automobile. I had hoped to hear ideas applicable to Parker.

Big Takeaway from the Academy: I found the emergence of Transit Oriented Development along the rail lines thereby creating less reliance on the automobile a most promising phenomenon. I was also able to see the work being done in the City of Denver on promoting bike sharing, car2go, Lyft and Uber among others. The best part of the Citizens’ Academy  was the fact that I was with 50+ other citizens from all over the metro area who were passionate about transportation alternatives.

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