Class of Spring 2016: Alana

Alana Wilson
My Transit Passion: Community Outreach
Home City: Boulder
Work City: Boulder

Action Plan: Boulder Bus Crawl 2016

What it’s about: inspired by the #BuHi BusCrawl led by MARTA Army in Atlanta, a bus crawl is designed to give a community a shared experience centered around the use of public transit. For a bus crawl in Boulder, I want to facilitate exploration of the Skip route corridor, which travels through many of Boulder’s business districts and neighborhoods. By collaborating with Neighborhood Eco Pass programs and community organizations, the #BoulderBusCrawl 2016 will host a handful of organized stops for participants along the route. Each one will be an opportunity to visit a business or community establishment, share food, and learn about a different aspect of Boulder’s past, present, and future with respect to history, development, and innovation. The hope is that everyone who joins the bus crawl will come away with a renewed appreciation for both our town and the abundance of opportunities that are accessible by transit.

What it’s really about: Community gathering, fostering a culture of active and alternative transportation

Why I applied for the Academy: The Citizens’ Academy is an extraordinary opportunity to connect with other folks who have visionary ideas about how we move, and an opportunity to learn from the experience and expertise of the Transit Alliance team. I wanted to be connected with other people who are transforming visions into reality.

Big Takeaway from the Academy: It was amazing and inspiring that my cohort encompassed a diverse range of communities, interests, and knowledge backgrounds. Being able to incorporate different perspectives for fostering a shared commitment to transforming transportation, to improving access to transportation, and doing it at a grassroots level – that is powerful. Each one of us leaves Academy with a renewed commitment to this work and a whole team of friends and allies with whom to do it.

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