2013-02 Citizen’s Academy

2013-02 SCHEDULE

The Citizen’s Academy will be held on Wednesdays,
6 to 9 pm beginning on September 11 and ending on October 23.

Session 1: Welcome & Introductions

Kathleen Osher, Transit Alliance – presentation

Denver Regional Council of Governments- presentation

Session 2: Keeping the Denver Region Competitive

Tom Clark, Metro Denver Economic Development Corporation – presentation

Bill Sadler, Reconnecting America – presentation

Session 3: Multi-modal Transportation

Jacob Riger, DRCOG – presentation

Pauletta Tonilas, RTD – presentation

Session 4: Health & the Built Environment


Molly Hanson, Jefferson County Health; Leanne Jeffers, Regional Institute for Health & Environment Leadership; and Dr. Sandra Stenmark, Kaiser Permanente


Walkability Check List

Bikeability Check List

Health & the Built Environment Resources

Session 5: Access to Opportunity

Bill Sadler, Reconnecting America – presentation

Ashley Summers, DRCOG – presentation

Session 6: Housing

Session 7: Action Plan Presentations

Program Mission

The Citizen’s Academy will develop community leaders that are poised to advocate for everyday transit and the valuable lifestyle it creates for residents in the Denver metro region. Academy graduates will be equipped to provide relevant and timely information to help policy makers, business leaders, and the general public make informed decisions about transportation choices and transportation infrastructure investments in our region.


Academy graduates will:

  • Educate citizens about transit and its important linkages to quality of life.
  • Actively educate citizens about the importance of transportation infrastructure investment.
  • Educate others about transit and community development in the Denver region and take on expanded leadership roles.
  • Explain TOD in a manner that the average citizen would understand to educate the public about its benefits and tradeoffs.


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