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The Transit Alliance Citizen’s Academy, is now in its seventh year, and continues to “educate and motivate” community stakeholders by encouraging their involvement in the ongoing development of FasTracks and other transit-oriented projects throughout the region. The cornerstone of this unique program is that participants will take their new knowledge and put it in action. Participants spend a portion of each class designing their individual action plan that they will implement upon completing the academy. The global outcome of the Academy is to create community leaders and advocates that understand the relationship between the infrastructure investments we make today and our communities’ development, prosperity and health of tomorrow.

The Citizen’s Academy has seen great interest and participation from future elected, appointed and volunteer leaders from throughout the region. Between ten and twelve percent of graduates seek elected office and fill the seats of City Councils, County Commissions, the RTD Board of Directors as well as the Colorado State Legislature. Transit Alliance has often been quoted as saying “our graduates are everywhere” and it continues to be true on many levels. The Denver Regional Council of Governments for the first time in their history has introduced new committees for citizen involvement in the long range planning of MetroVision 2040. Again, our graduates answered the call with one-third of the MetroVision Citizen’s Advisory Committee being graduates and one-quarter of both established corridor stakeholder committees sharing the same distinction of being graduates. The Academy provides an opportunity to highlight a variety of perspectives and provide networking opportunities for participants. The Citizen’s Academy is the best investment to foster emerging leaders and encourage them to take leadership roles across the Denver metro region.

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Application Available here.

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