About Us


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Transit Alliance works to enhance metro region communities and people’s lives by cultivating a transit friendly lifestyle.

Transit Alliance is a coalition of diverse group of businesses, governments and membership organizations that

believes that:

· TRANSIT makes our region the best place in the world to live;

· TRANSIT provides the best chance for economic success for all people; and

· TRANSIT enhances our outstanding quality of life and lifestyle.

Transit Alliance is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt, non-profit organization.

A History of Leadership

The history of the Transit Alliance spans almost 16 years of educating Metro Denver citizens about the need and benefits of a balanced transportation system. Throughout our history we have challenged leaders, stakeholders and citizens to understand lessons learned from other cities across the country and around the globe. Our mission has always been one of providing education that goes beyond the ballot box; rather helping citizens understand the community and health benefits inherent in a metro-wide transit system.

Building Leadership Capacity

We are building leaders in the region through our Transit Alliance Citizen’s Academy. This emerging leader’s education program trains community leaders, agencies, governments and/or organizations on how to promote and educate about the quality of life in our communities on issues related to transit, transportation and community development. The cornerstone of this unique program is the participants’ commitment to take their new knowledge and put it in action. Participants spend a portion of each of the seven weeks designing their personal action plan to implement upon completing the Academy.

Supporting the Last Mile

The true success of transit in our region requires supportive infrastructure that connects our citizens with transit. Transit Alliance is working to advance opportunities for further investment in “last mile” improvements by creating and guiding policies at the local, regional and state levels.

Advancing the Transit Lifestyle

The demand for transit expansion is palpable in the Denver metro region. Commercial and residential uses within walking distance of the FasTracks system are looking for ways to show distinction from competing uses in other areas. Although transit navigation tools are available to commuters that get them from point A to point B, but the journey in-between is lost. In contrast, we believe a market reality exists that has not been captured in the Denver metro area. This market is made up of existing commuters looking for more choice within the transit system, and of many potential commuters who currently have no idea that attractive uses are available to them through transit.

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